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Welcome to Different Drum

My name is
 Neil Buddle
I am a visual-artist, graphic-designer and musician, 
based in New Zealand.

My main creative focus is visual-arts practise. I work in the mediums of printmaking, painting, assemblage and mixed-media. 
The main themes explored in my work are landscape, environment, local politics and erotica.

Under the moniker of 'The Reverend', I perform as drummer and DJ and contribute to the DIG collective.  

Here you will find examples of recent and archival work in art, design and publishing as well as music clips, information and links to other websites featuring my work. New work is continuously being developed and is featured, along with other news on the blog.

Different Drum is a site for showcasing and promoting these activities to a worldwide audience. I welcome you to the site and 
invite curiousity, comment, criticism and commissions!

Kia ora,
Neil Buddle


Visual Art




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The images and information contained on this site are intended for reference purposes only. If you would like to find out more, or see higher-quality images, please contact

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