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Assemblage (Art made from Found Objects) is the primary medium of my art practice. Works are made from a variety of common or found objects, characteristically  aged, eroded or distressed. These objects are then composed and arranged mainly as wall-mounted reliefs. These reliefs straddle the divide between 2D and 3D works. The works often include paint, pen and collage. No glue is used and all fixings are physical, further contributing to the sustainable philosophy of my art practice.

Here is a selection of Assemblage works.

Assemblage Works 

Sing Swan Song
Recent work for Whanganui Nationals Exhibition, commenting on deforestation and it's effect on native birds.

Ode aan der Vliegende Hollander (Tribute to the Flying Dutchman)
Assemblage + Acrylic Paint
Painting for tribute exhibition to master of assemblage, Peter Sauerbier. Exhibitied at Corban Estate Arts centre, Waitakere City.



A New God for New Zealand
Piece exploring the bi-cultural nature of New Zealand.


Produced for 'Horse' Show at Signal gallery, Waitakere City.

Hoon Suite
Hot Weather for Hoons / P for Parking / The Tiki-Tour Stops Here
Triptych telling the story New Zealand's compulsive car-culture and the dangers it brings.

The Beat Goes On... (Graduation Exhibition Excerpts)
Assemblage + Acrylic Paint
My Graduation Show was an installation of individual artworks. All the work was made from found objects. The shape of the space was an equilateral triangle ( A 'magic' shape), which allowed everything to balance. In the centre I had built a sort of altar and tranmistter so that all the 'signals' being generated by the work could be 'amplified' and 'broadcast' throughout time and space. This concept was heavily influenced by Pythagoras' 'Music of the Spheres' and musicians such as Sun Ra. An audio-collage of found-sounds from the local environment, played from hidden speakers behind the main paintings

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