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Mixed-media covers a variety of work including collage, spraypaint stencils and small sculptural works.

Afterlife Series
Mixed-Media on Canvas
Afterlife is a series of mixed media works depicting 'recent' New Zealand cultural icons. These works are multiples and comprise of hand-painted backgrounds, with spraypaint stencil images and Dymo labels. The standard format is A4. These were originally intended to be greetings cards and then were progressed to canvas (See below). There are 10 icons in the series so far these are: Jean Batten, Colin McCahon, James K.Baxter, Billy T.James, Katherine Mansfield, Bruno Lawrence, David Lange, Kate Sheppard, Prince Tui Teka and Sir Edmund Hillary.
These are produced as multiples and as such are avaialable as un unlimited edition.

(A)Political Landscape
Mixed media on canvas
One-off painting for fundraising Zonta Club exhibition at Serjeant Gallery, Wanganui. Depicts the politicised nature of the provincial town of Wanganui.

The Pop is Dead
Collage and acrylic paint
One-off collage done after the death of Pope John-Paul II for DIGzine 2.

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