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Music Performance

I have 24 years of drumming experience in various settings and I am primarily an alternative rock drummer, with funk and psychedelic influences. 

I have recently been playing in experimental, tribal-punk act - Nazi Disco as well as surf-punk band, House on Haunted Hill. I am continually devloping my technique and broadening my musical influences.

Other instruments played include harmonica, recorder and rhythm guitar. I also makes assemblage instruments and am interested in 'musique concrete'.



Autolysis - The Herbsmen
(Recorded Harlow Square 1991)
© The Herbsmen 1991

Asteroid - House on Haunted Hill
Recorded at Whammy Bar, Auckland - 2010
© Mysterious Tapeman - 2010

Dead Man's Hands - House on Haunted Hill
Recorded at Whanganui Regional Museum - 2009
© The Mysterious Tapeman - 2009



http://differentdrum.webs.com/06 Track 6.wma

Blood - The Herbsmen
© The Herbsmen 1992

The Herbsmen
Nine recorded tracks spanning 3 demos. Recorded roughly between 1991 - 93.  
All Copyright - Chris Evans / The Herbsmen.
Restored and digitised by Dylanizm Labs.

The Herbsmen Demos


For 10 years Neil has worked as a DJ playing clubs, parties, radio and formal functions under the moniker 'The Reverend'. All styles of music are played from a base of funk, rock and reggae including drum'n'bass, jazz, latin, african, world, hip-hop, heavy metal, grunge, house, techno, dub, dancehall, comedy, spoken word and occasionally country and western. For the last 7 years The Reverend has played as a duo with El Presidente. This included a weekly show (2004-2005) on Piha FM. The Reverend is available for any appropriate  function or occasion.

Music Collector

An avid music collector with over a 1000 vinyl albums, Neil's knowledge of music across a range of genres is extensive.

Music Writer

I have recently enjoyed using my knowledge of music to contribute to the Whanganui UCOL Student Magazine, 'CREW', by writing music reviews. This humourous piece was published in June 2008 for the 'sex' issue.

Aural Sex (Published in CREW magazine June 2008)

We proudly present for your ‘aural’ pleasure, 10 sexy songs, and artists (In no particular order) that have pushed the boundaries of titillation, innuendo, and decency in popular music – Satisfaction is guaranteed!

1.     I Feel Love / Love to Love You Baby – Donna Summer
This tawdry twosome is the pinnacle of sexy disco and the blueprint for every hypnotic, sexy house track ever.  Diana moans as the music speeds up and slows down and before you know it, you’re having an ‘eargasm’.

2.    Pull up to the Bumper – Grace Jones
Funky as an afro-haired lap-dancer this bump’n’grind classic, featuring reggae legends, Sly and Robbie hits all the right spots. “Pull up to my bumper in your long black limousine” Indeed!

3.    Let’s Get It On / Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
A bit like catching your parents at it – these 2 tracks are the soul master’s mainstream soundtrack to ‘making lurve’.  Many of us unknowingly, owe our very conception to Marvin and his contemporary Barry White.

4.    Like  a Virgin – Madonna
With it’s coy lyric alluding to the thrill of being deflowered and the album’s cover pic of Madonna in bridal dress with a spectacular cleavage that seared itself onto the retinas of  every teenage boy, this huge hit made the charts sexy again. Try also Justify My Love and Erotica.

5.    Gett Off, Cream, Sexy Mother f***er, Darling Nikki, Kiss, Head, Sister, Jack You Off etc. – Prince
Few artists have contributed as much to sexy music as Prince. Whole albums are devoted to S-E-X and no-one does it better. Whether it’s “Get off - 23 positions in a one-night stand” or Darling Nikki “Masturbating with a magazine”, you can’t go wrong with the ‘Imp of the Perverse’.

6.     Je t’Aime - Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
The French sleaze-master’s classic. The innocence of the title (I Love You) is subverted by the breathy, lolita-ish vocals of Jane Birkin and strip-show accompaniment. The 60’s at it’s saucy best.

7.   Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
A million sexy rock clichés begin with this tune. Led Zep take cock rock to the next level with this thrusting anthem.  “I’m going to give you every inch of my love”. What does it all mean? (Also check out the Tina Turner cover version).

8.    Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Ambiguous, raunchy, banned in the U.K and coupled with an X-rated video. The music throbbed suggestively as we all sang “Relax, don’t do it, when you want to COME” as loud as we could.

9.    French Kiss – Lil Louis
Taking the blueprint of I Feel Love, this 90’s club classic combines 2 classic sex-song elements; gradual tempo changes and orgasmic groaning to become the musical equivalent of a variable speed vibrator.

10.    Work It – Missy Elliot, Hot in Here – Nelly, I Wanna F** k You – Akon feat. Snoop Dogg
Hip-Hop , R’n’B  and Jamaican Dancehall have taken pop to new levels of indiscretion. Without the need for innuendo, today’s artists dispense with foreplay and openly declare their dishonourable intentions over carnal beats, whilst shaking it all in your face, Yay!

Music Review for CREW magazine - 2009

Gang Gang Dance - St.Dymphna
Social Registry/Warp 2009

Gang Gang Dance are an experimental band from New York. Their eclectic approach and undefinable but catchy sound, has seen them become a favourite of both critics and public alike.

St. Dymphna is their fourth album and serves up a cornucopia of sound, influences and rhythm that takes time to sink in to the psyche. It is precisely this mix that confounds and intrigues, blending Arabic and world music melodies, with electro beats, post-punk guitar and electronic ambience reminiscent of early electronica pioneers.

The album starts slowly, building up in washes of sound and oriental rhythms, before the pulse of First Communion launches the album proper, the female vocals soaring over the clatter underneath. From here the album takes an instrumental and ambient turn through Blue Nile and Vacuum before emerging into the albums party track, ‘Princes’ featuring a rap over up-tempo beats and signature electronic noise. From here it twists and turns, through ambience and the sound-scape world-pop of ‘House Jam’ to the noisy crescendo of ‘Desert Storm’, ending perfectly with the post-coital outro of ‘Dust’.

On first listen, this album may sound dense and complex and like a lesson in music anthropology. Repeated listens however, reveal a beautiful and daring piece of thoroughly modern music that surprises and delights. These haunting melodies and rhythms will fill the mind and soul, long after the music has stopped.

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