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Visual Art - Printmaking 

Neil Buddle is an experienced printmaker both artistically and commercially. Specialising in Lino-Printing, Neil has also worked as a commercial screen-printer and is well-versed in techniques including, drypoint, woodcut and etching.

New Prints, covering a range of subjects are continuously being developed. Prints are released in numbered editions. All prints for sale are mounted and packaged for sale.

Examples of Printmaking

These examples are arranged in chronological order starting from the  most recent. Erotic-themed prints are featured on the Erotica - R18 page.

Aroha Aotearoa
Linoprint on paper

A series of prints illustrating New Zealand poetry, based on the theme of love.



Linoprint on paper

A series based upon the post-industrial landscape of the Whanganui River estuary.


 I.O.U.S of A

Recycled Paper (Bills) and recycled Floor Vinyl Print
One-off print for Whanganui National Exhibition and Award 2011. References USA deficit / personal debt and the cultural debt owed the USA.

Local Colour
2010 / 2011
A series of prints for the local market, depicting atypical Whanganui River scenes. Ltd. Editions of 20.


Postcard Series
Aotearoa / Kia Ora / Haere Mai
Produced exclusively for Pauanesia Store, Auckland - Ltd. Ed. 30 each
Prints depicting contemporary beach-life in New Zealand, referencing 19th Century Postcards.

Metonymy 09
Penned In / Lingua Franca
Lino-Print on Handmade paper (Recycled Dictionary)
Collaboration with poet Desiree Geventsney for the Metonymy Exhibition in Auckland.

Treehouse Series
Kauri / Rimu / Totara
A set of prints developed for sale, juxtaposing colonial architecture with native trees.

Towards Series
Whatipu / Karekare / Piha
Exclusively for Pauanesia Store, Auckland - Ltd. Ed. 30 each.
Prints depicting West-Coast views, based-upon the 'Sighline Series'


Techniques for Self-Sabotage Series
Shoot Yourself in the Foot / Burn Your Bridges / Cur Off Your Nose
Lino-Print on Paper
Series of 3 prints based on the notion of self-sabotaging behaviour using popular idioms.

H is for History Series
H is for History / Get Off Our Patch / Outsider Art
Lino-Print on Handmade paper (Recycled Local Newspaper)
Series exploring local politics and cultural issues, connected with the debate about the indigenous spelling of the town name.

Read It In The Paper
Lino-Print / Mixed media on Handmade Paper (Recycled Local Newspaper
One-off Print combining, the H is for History Series and other elements. Produced for the Sarjeant Gallery Review 2008.

Reality T.V
Entry for Silk Cut Lino-Print Awards 2008
This print was produced for The Silk Cut Awards in Australia. The work comments on the gulf between the presentation of reality on TV and the 'actuality' of real life.




Sightline Series
The 8 prints formed a journey between 2 points on the West Coast of Auckland, following a line drawn on a map in the way of pioneer cartographers. The images were derived from drawings, photographs and other field research obtained on the 2 day walk along the route. The expedition was undertaken by Neil Buddle and Jason Burgess, who documented the journey. Jason Burgess has subsequently also produced work from this trip. The 8 prints were annotated with specific locations and times and each featured a line from a small poem written to accompany the prints. These works were redeveloped for Auckland store, Pauanesia (See 'Towards Series').

Another trip taken in 2009, will form the basis for a new project along similar lines entitled 'Waterline'.





It Couldn't Happen Here?
Lino Print and Digital collage
Original Lino-Print with digitally added backgrounds and faces of George W.Bush and Osama Bin Laden. Weaves the story of DIG with contemporary events in a comic style. Produced for DIGzine #1.

Prose Series
Hesse / Gibran / Ferlinghetti / Baxter / Nietzsche
One of 5 works illustrating prose and poetry by various writers inc. Herman Hesse, Kalil Gibran, James K. Baxter, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Friedrich Nietzsche.




Older Work
A selection of older work is available to view on the Web Gallery page, in the Archive.




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